Food · August 29, 2018
My friend Brenda is not only an Açaí-connoisseur but also an Açaí fanatic. Even though I had Açai bowls before, they were never as good as the ones I tried with Brenda. Once she introduced me to her favorite spots, I developed a craving for good Açaí Bowls. We would exchange addresses and names of Açaí places and debate about the taste. However, she recently brought my attention to a blog named earthyandy where we found an Açaí recipe that inspired the following recipe.
Food · January 27, 2018
This is one of my favorite “street food“. Sure, it needs some preparation time but once it comes to serving, it’s super quick, delicious and actually not too unhealthy. Just make sure to buy organic meat and fresh ingredients, so you can avoid preservatives and other chemicals that slow down your metabolism. Let me know how you like it!