Why a Blog? Why Sheer Lifestyle?

First of all, I never wanted to be a blogger. So what happened? 
Well, I do like writing which is the precondition of blogging; but the true reason is: time!
After years I finally feel like having time for something that is not studying or working. Back in school I used to write poems and paint in my spare time. All of this creativity got lost when I prepared for my high-school diploma, my driver‘s license, entered college, started working as a substitution teacher and continued having my model jobs in Germany and abroad etc. 
The tons of mid-terms we had to pass, the papers we had to turn in, the books we had to read, kind of kept me away from a free mind. (I believe you will all agree with me that reading four to six books you didn’t chose, with minimum 300 pages during one semester in one class, is not fun anymore.)
Don‘t get me wrong. I am thankful to have received such an education and I enjoyed being a student and having worked since the ages of 15; but as soon as you have a little more time in life again, you start to realize that your work-life balance was messed up. So after graduating from college I decided to do something that would change my entire life and also motivated me to write my own blog. What it is can be read in my next blog entry in category Challenges; but before you skip I would like to tell you some background about “Sheer Lifestyle“.
Sheer Lifestyle is a personal blog, where I share my experiences, challenges and bits and pieces of my life with you. So at least the word lifestyle will make sense in this context. But sheer?
Sheer is an adjective which has several meanings. Referring to fabrics or clothes, it can mean something being transparent or see-through. It can also refer to something that is pure or unmixed as well as in a more obsolete usage: bright or shining. You will recognize that I haven’t selected this word without a reason or deeper meaning. The ambiguity “sheer“ offers is beautiful to describe the transparency an online blog naturally has. Furthermore, it emphasizes that the blog is a “pure“ lifestyle blog, and lastly it implies the brightness and sparkle life consists of.
However, you are always welcome to comment on my blog entries as well as to ask questions. I am happy if we can achieve to create a room of exchanging ideas, sharing positivity and even helping each other with our knowledge.

Anne Julia 

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